so now my right arm is also completely shot meaning I can't use a keyboard. however I can use voice dictation between my phone, kde connect, and my Linux install. unfortunately it means I have to rely on Google via gboard for the voice dictation but I couldn't find any other provider that worked. if anyone is aware of a better voice dictation option I'd love to hear about it

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@freedcreative doesn’t solve your problem completely and I haven’t actually tried it out at all but might be helpful

@cadence unfortunately it failed first, then favouring the right arm as a result knocked it out too

@freedcreative how are you going otherwise? you'd have some freedom to move about at the moment... not being in Melbourne.

@freedcreative @whtrbt My mystery tendon and joint thing one time turned out to be months of mononucleosis rather than carpal tunnel, so maybe get checked for that.

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