It looks like my life is going to be taking a 180° turn. I still only have minimal use of my left hand and right arm, and it looks like I might have some type of allergic, body attacks itself of disorder. We'll see.

As a result in the last week i've gone from being only a couple of applications away from 100% open software, to being 100% iOS because it's the only system I can get full use of solely with voice.

From having a firm rule of no voice recording in the house, to depending on it.


Coincidentally, just a week prior i've been reading some toots from a blind person describing how much they struggle trying to use Linux despite really wanting to. I'm now experiencing that first hand.

It's a stark reminder there are many kinds of freedom people are trying to reach in their lives, and the path to one type sometimes excludes another.

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@freedcreative Sounds like a nightmare, though there's a channel with some nice suggestions for anyone with the gumption:

One advantage with the cli backend is a universal interface to use a screenreader on.

@malin thanks for that, I appreciate the share. It's excellent to see you some options for people with low vision.

From what I can tell both Linux and windows aren't likely to have the ability to control the whole system with voice anytime soon. That means it's iOS and macOS for me for the foreseeable future.

On the one hand giving up everything I've worked towards for the past few years bites, but on the other hand being able to still do my job with tech I already had is a lifesaver.

@freedcreative @malin It is a bummer, but your use of commercial operating system as an individual is nothing but a single pixel in the whole ecosystem. You might still be able to write or contribute to free software - small or big, cross-platform or not - and also produce unpaywalled creative output (tutorials, blogs etc) for others to benefit from.

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