IOS might have the voice control, which I am dependent on right now, but I tried to do some actual work today with it and boy oh boy do I want my Linux back.

Tasks that I'm used to being so simple were a hair tearing experience that took me half the day to find half baked solutions for.

I want my fully fledged next cloud integration, I want my Emacs, I want my KDE dolphin, I want my full firefox with add-ons.

But it's out of my hands. Have to wait and see if I continue to depend on voice.

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@freedcreative Is there any chance that emacspeak can meet your voice needs?

@lambdatronic I got hyped for a minute thinking, wow Emacs really does have everything! Unfortunately the voice functionality here is in the other direction, it's text to speech for vision issues, whereas right now I'm dependent on speech to text and voice control due to not having full use of my hands. But I really appreciate the suggestion all the same, thanks!

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