Hi Merveilles and Fedi!

After a tumultuous few months I can finally comfortably communicate via text again. It’s been a highly transformative time for me so the things I’m putting time and thought into have changed quite dramatically.

I’ve had to turn my attention away from politics, the software freedom movement, coding and teaching - i.e. basically all the major components of my life a few months ago.

All my focus right now is on health, psychology, physiology and all the moving parts that go into physical and mental health.

So the things I have to chat about will have almost nothing in common with what I had to say before. I’m not entirely sure how exactly I fit into the fedi now because of that, but let’s see what happens!

@freedcreative Welcome back! The more we talk about something else than tech and politics, the more appealing this net will be.

@tagomago Thanks! Tbh even though my hand was forced I am personally better for the shift in focus.

@freedcreative I was wondering about you just recently, so good to see you again :) I don't think the new focus will put me off, personally, because I see a lot of those themes on my TL.

@ljwrites Oh I just thought, if you’re seeing these themes a lot, perhaps you could recommend some follows?

@freedcreative off the top of my head, meditates and often talks about mh related topics, while talks about kitchen & garden stuff if that's something you're interested in! My old buddy is primarily a garden & food account too but also a medical nerd. You could also take a look at related subjects at Trunk!

@freedcreative in fact I think it was through you I found Merveilles. You appeared on my feed at Fosstodon and I realised there was less FOSS politics (and general arguing) here and more creative thinking.

@oppen Sort of ironic then! Or full circle. One of the two.

@freedcreative nice to have you back on the Fedi!

I think with the things you mention you might have some important things to tell fedi about, Kezz.

Would also like to pass you this link in case you missed it:

@humanetech Thanks! Both for the welcome and the share. 🙂

I’ve actually played a little bit with Talon and it is outstanding. I’m taking a break from dev in general at the moment but if / when I come back to it Talon will definitely be the way I do it.

Hi Kezz,

Welcome back we did notice you were missing. Are you well? Looking forward to hearing more about your fresh-eyed focus.

Yes #health is important. Humanity has been going backwards in this area of health and publicHealth for so long in many, many respects.

Even just today we noticed how environmental factors and good architecture are so #restorative, but have become a preserve of the most wealthy.

@dsfgs Thanks DSFGS! I apologize for not getting back to your DM a short while ago. Just getting back in the swing of things again now. I appreciate you reaching out.

I’m working on applying the stoic philosophy of focusing on controlling what I can control (myself) and being “indifferent” to what I can’t (everything else). I’m not wealthy, but I’ve still learned a tremendous amount recently about how to improve my health and well being.

Yes, we find that connecting with others in RL is an important part of that. Sharing concerns and sharing a few laughs.

While Fedi is better than dotcons, we will still disappear for days, sometimes weeks to restore and recharge. In cities, urban farms and community gardens are good for this. Walks in nature among big trees is also proven restorative.

Every action we take has a ripple effect. Don't underestimate the small things, especially at this tough, trying time for all. <3

And no need to apologise. When you decide to go offline, stay offline till you decide its time to return.

We've been there too :)

@dsfgs Very true. I haven’t been able to walk much, but because exposure to nature is so important, as you say, I made it part of my daily routine to watch a first person perspective video of someone walking through a beautiful natural place. Even just that really helps.

Thankfully now I manage to get outside a couple of times a day, and so far I’ve managed one actual walk up and down the block. Seeing the trees and the birds after being stuck so long, I swear it was like being born again.

Yes. Its like that. The new England Journal of medicine we believe studied the difference between just having a leafy backyard and not and the leafy yard has health benefits.

We think there is a meditative quality in maintaining plants and having pets.

So important in our view.


@dsfgs I heard about a similar study where people recovering from surgery healed faster and with less pain medication when they had a view of a park through their window, versus other patients who could see only a wall.

It would be nice to imagine a future where all our cities and towns are green so we can be more exposed to our natural habitat.

Most def. For children they don't #developmentalProblems without access to nature.

Also #heavyMetals in things screw them up. Its been known for decades, you'll find old programs from the 70s and 80s about it. Yet the #managerials always manage to slip them into things.

@freedcreative Welcome back! Hope you share some of your insights here.

@iooioio Thank you! Will definitely try to share anything that seems helpful.

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