Interesting seeing the effects of meditation vs. cardio on the heart. Down to 56bpm during meditation, and almost max for my age 175bpm during exercise.

Both things working as intended I suppose!

@grey I only just started tracking and didn’t know until you asked, but yes. Looks like my average is 53ms. Thanks for bringing my attention to that metric, I’ll read up on it.

@freedcreative I've been tracking it in the morning for the last few months via an app. There seems to be a lot of pseudo-science bullshit pedaling around it, but it was brought to my attention related to a means of tracking how in-sync your neuroendocrine system is.

The general gist being that once you know your personal baseline, you can see when it deviates. One thing of note: consistency of when you're taking the reading (body position, when in the your day) seems to be pretty important.

@grey Have you noticed any correlations between the metric and your activities or state?

@freedcreative Yes. Essentially it can give you a kind of reference point for how worn down you are, which seems to be pretty on the mark for me. (My app in particular collects meta data before showing you results to discourage confirmation bias.)

@freedcreative As a concrete example, about this time last month, I was on a pretty good sleep/wake schedule, but it started slipping over the past month:

@freedcreative Which is to say, I have found it helpful to provide a reference point to my experience. I could certainly do without it, but it’s been an interesting experiment.

@grey That’s fascinating. So in general, the better rested you are, the more consistent your variance averages?

@freedcreative It can also relate to how much you exert yourself, but my work is pretty sedentary, so rest is a substantial component. It's apparently pretty popular in sports medicine as a means of seeing whether or not it's safe to train on a given day.

@freedcreative Effectively, when your body is in a recovery state it will skew out of sync (parasympathetic/sympathetic) in compensation, depending on what is amiss.

It seems like a thing you can focus on too much if you have a propensity for analytics, but there seems to be at some credibility to the generals if not some of the suggested specifics.

@grey Oooh, right. Cultivating more parasympathetic nervous system activity is a major goal for me right now so that’s extra interesting.

@freedcreative Also, if you read anything that you find particularly insightful, I'd be curious to know! 😊

@freedcreative Curious what resources you're using to get into meditation?

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