WordPress is an incredible GPL success story and it’s had a huge positive impact on my life.

But good lord it’s a frustrating and tedious experience trying to write in it now. 😬

@freedcreative it's why I moved to a static site generator, because all the fiddliness and updates... just no. Writing in Org Mode and publishing by Git? Yes please!

@ljwrites For real. I’m doing the same on my own projects. (The WP stuff is for a client.) Using Ghost as a headless CMS and building out a front end with 11ty. Can’t wait to finish it and get it online!

@freedcreative that sounds awesome! :blobcataww: It's sad that we often don't have the same choice in tools for paid work as we have with our own. Feeling that with word processors lol.

@freedcreative I believe there's still an official plugin for the "legacy" post writing?

@tagomago There is, but the site isn’t mine so I can’t really tinker around with plugins and settings unfortunately.

I do alleviate part of the friction by writing the draft elsewhere, then pasting it in. But I still have to finish it off in the regular editor and deal with its quirks and auto-saving bugs.

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