I finally completed and published my little pixel art RPG pack on Itch!

It *looks* like 16 little graphics, but to me it’s representative of losing use of my hands, being unsure what I could regain, and clawing back abilities over the past year.

I changed my Itch name form Freed Creative to Polygonix because I’m not in a position to use only FOSS anymore. Started these in Gimp and finished them in Pixaki.

So pleased to have bought this little project to fruition. 😀

@freedcreative i have a pixel art program that i maintain- what sorts of things do you require for a pixel art program to be accessible for you?

@zens Thanks so much for asking 🙂 What’s your program?

At the moment it’s the ability to use the software via iPad. However, I’m starting to experiment with sidecar and Astropad with an M1 Mac and I think it’s going to open up new options. A couple of days ago I got Krita back into the picture this way.

Gimp didn’t work with the pencil and Inkscape ran very slow on MacOS, so I’m going to try virtualizing Linux on Parallels next.

If VMs come to iPad at WWDC I might be home free.

@freedcreative mine is , though to be up front i am not proposing it as an alternative to a real pixels art program, it’s intentionally limited in scope. i am a bit motivated to work on it again after a long period of neglect so feedback is valued. it should work fine on ipad or iphone.

@zens This is sick, I love it! What an awesome concept.

Will definitely be using this. Thanks!

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