Probably need to pick a type of art to focus on instead of doing multiple types by halves.

Having trouble choosing between my top contenders: vector and pixel art. I like them both but I want to get really good, and advice to concentrate on one thing seems logically sound.

Is it sound advice?

Both are not mutually exclusive though. Maybe they are but if you really love both then fusion is the other possibility.

It all depends on what you are trying to express. Pixel art is difficult to cut, and replicate physically in the real world, while vector can be easier. Aside from that the two can be used interchangably.

Given the increased texture in pixel art a persons eye might rest on, or be more attracted to that.

@freedcreative you can set up a time limit to focus on one, and re-evaluate at the end. If you feel that there was good progress, that there is still room for more improvement, and you are not burning out on the style, set another time limit to keep at it. Otherwise, try the other one.

@freedcreative as someone who's done a lot of different types of art for years - if you want to get really really good then yeah probably you'll need to specialise. You don't need to to make a living though and things definitely feed back into each other (eg traditional drawing will still help pixel art to an extent). Beginner mindset helps a lot.

@maxc I think you’re right. I really love pixel art but I’m leaning towards vector just because I’m a bit better at it out of the gate, and am able to work faster.

@freedcreative The most sound advice would be to not ask yourself that sort of question to just pick one, any one and do that.

@neauoire Do you mean don’t ask myself which one style I want to pursue? Or do you mean pursue one but don’t overthink the choice?

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