Using voice dictation to write an article for a client on WebP images and it keeps outputting it as "wimpy images".

@tagomago Probably describe the article as non-opinion, practically oriented. What the format is, how to implement it. Included the advice to focus decision making on load speed over PageSpeed Insights score. And to use multiple optimization methods in conjunction.


Yeah, my point was that if you were saying bad things, "wimpy images" was so justified. 😁

Also, jokes aside, I would add to your arguments that it's not an either/or decision. In fact, with formats like these, there should be a set of different <source> files with alternative formats to cover (backward) compatibility.

There's a good explanation here:

@tagomago Yeah, thankfully the article was for WordPress users so it was made somewhat easy to summarize: use one of these plugins and it will handle conversions and serving the right file type at the right time for you.

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