Been working on / with the web for 20 years and there are still aspects I love, but this week alone:

* Use your browser to use another browser in the cloud so you get enough RAM
* Google invents RSS, its totally new you guys
* Google invents colored rounded rectangle UI elements
* Use your browser, in your operating system, to interface with an operating system contained in said browser, and in it, edit code with a text editor that runs via a bundled browser - consumed 9.5 of my 8GB system RAM

Mixes some new feelings in with my already mixed feelings.

@freedcreative using the web version of WhatsApp causes my PC to slow down to a point where even vim is unresponsive...

@furtivo Good God, if it can even effect vim…

I know the feeling though. I have to use the mobile Electron Slack and the bugs and crashes are constant.

@alexbuzzbee Yeah they’re “experimenting” with a “follow“ button in Chrome so people can stay up to date with their favourite websites, and all site owners have to do to participate is keep their RSS feeds up to date.


@freedcreative Well I guess making feeds more accessible is... good? But that seems kind of weird to pretend it's a new thing. Browsers have had built-in feed readers since, like, the 90s.

@alexbuzzbee That was my thought too. If it at least gets sites publishing RSS again that’d be a great result.

But ofc not as great as them never having been pushed away in the first place.

I'm pretty sure this time it involves some placebo cloud component which keeps Google in the loop of all your RSS subscriptions (and when you read what, how often etc..), thereby negating one of the main reasons for RSS' existence, which is privacy.

Google removed RSS capability from their browser so they can move it from your computer onto theirs, then get you to surrender your privacy in exchange for access to it.

@Mr_Teatime @freedcreative Probably. But it'll make it easier for people to start using RSS, and from there switching to another reader is not that difficult.

True -- but I'd be very surprised if Google was not confident that that won't happen.
After all, when they mostly monopolized the original federated communications platform, e-mail, and moved the client onto their own computers, people were applauding them, and there's no sign of significant numbers of users preferring privacy-respecting alternatives over whatever they get out of Google's offering.

@freedcreative the only thing worst than current browsers. Chrome inseption.
They made it! Java seems allmost naiv today.

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