Just decided to go read the hashtag on Twitter. First result was a dude in a rubber suit tied to a tree. Seems to be a fetish day so there’s a few.

I’m shocked I tell you, I was lead to believe that such a mix up over the name has never and will never happen.

For the record I love Gimp, whatever its name, but Glimpse was a valuable addition to FOSS, because it would have helped people in places that have to remain rubber suit & electrode free. The flak the maintainers got was poor form.

@freedcreative Fossbros: All forks are valid (except the ones that offend me for bullshit reasons)

@freedcreative 💯 agree.

I've been using The GIMP since the motif days, used to hang out in IRC with the devs, met up with most of them in person (at various conferences, including LGM), and agree with you about the unfortunate name and their reluctance to even consider something else.

It's great software, but such a lousy name. I was hoping that Glimpse would take off and would make them reconsider. 😔

@garrett I do get why they want to keep the name. There’s a lot of years behind it so I can understand the attachment to it.

Glimpse would have solved the name problem though by making it optional so everyone can access the software.

And after coming back from being sick and hearing that Bobby Moss was constantly brigaded, and became too unwell / exhausted to keep going, then reading the trolls’ rank reactions of glee about it was quite honestly disgusting.

@freedcreative Oh, wow. I didn't know it came to that. It's sadly not surprising, just disappointing. 😢

@freedcreative I recently suggested that GIMP get officially renamed to Wilber, as it's their mascot and what they use for the icon anyway.

It could even stand for:

Editing &

or (for silly people)

Ripening... peppers?

@garrett Recursive acronyms as is the FOSS way, what’s not to love!

@freedcreative @garrett Oh fuck, I was hoping to package it in Guix. Gave it a try but was a bit more involved than I hoped so I moved on to more pressing projects. If it's no longer developed, that sucks.

@freedcreative @garrett you can continue to use glimpse, it just won't be updated. Or you can help them keep going.

So many said it was a great idea, but obviously not a good enough idea to make it sustainable.

@freedcreative And on the flipside, think about all the BDSM people out there searching for gimp inspiration and all they get are screenshots of some FOSS program.

@freedcreative ...Now that I think of it, Someone should really show up at a Gimp meetup in a gimp suit, with the Gimp dog mask

@esi Haha, right?!

Maybe the… *looks back at feed*… “full rubber” gang will be the ones to make a fork so we get out of their timeline.

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