Now that I have a pen display coming so I can use desktop software mouse & keyboard free, one of the first things I’m going to try is @penpot and I am SUPER excited about it.

Before RSI unceremoniously booted me off my Linux system, UI design was one of my very last non-FOSS sticking points, and I was using a volunteer made desktop wrapper around Figma. No more!

I’d really like to put together some tutorials showing people and the system once I get to know it too. Can’t wait!

@freedcreative it will be cool to read your feedback. We are still procrastinating on its adoption here. Your tutorials may help! 👍

@lutindiscret Do you have any suggestions on what kind of topics would potentially help the most?

@freedcreative actually, i'm not a UX designer myself so I'll ask to the french community. We gather on matrix I'll keep you informed, thanks!

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