Gets work erased by software issues on Linux.

Me: This is no good I’ll have to use Windows

Boots into Windows

Also me: How much of an issue is it really if all my work gets erased… 🤔

@ljwrites I’m on Linux right now trying to figure out how to compensate for pen taps landing 1cm out of place and possible work erasure and system freezes.

I think I have issues.

@freedcreative well that sucks about losing work.

However, whenever I lose work from computer faults, when I start it again it's faster, I'm already more knowledgeable and I get more of an opportunity to iterate better.

But then I'm probably a niche all of my own.

@sprkwd I just tried use my iPad to redraw a sketch I lost earlier today and I couldn’t recapture it. Fortunately I was screen recording though so I’m going to try and reproduce from a video frame.


Hmmmm. Is Wine good enough these days to run your preferred drawing app?

@suetanvil Thanks for the thought. 🙂

The funny thing is all my preferred drawing apps already run best on Linux.

The problem I’m trying to work through is last year I got hit by some kind of severe RSI. So now, because I can’t really use mouse and keyboard, I’m trying to get an all touch and pen system going on a just released display tablet that doesn’t have its own drivers yet, on DEs that aren’t really designed for touch.

Proving tricky!

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