Wow, these horrible “rules” regarding “Personal Game” development Amazon employees have to agree to before taking employment are so cartoonishly villainous they actually made me laugh out loud.

@freedcreative Wow, fuck this!

I'm kind of thankful that they wrote this down at least, but holy moly.

@freedcreative I don’t think I’d heard of Amazon Games Studio before. In light of that, I can see why they don’t want their own employees to compete with it. But…at some point you’ve got to ask yourself, “do I still want to work here?”

@IslandUsurper Yeah the person who posted it was about to accept a position, as a non game related engineer, but turned it down once they read this.

@freedcreative lol, #5 #6 and #8 is so gross. It almost reeks of insecurity

@root @freedcreative anything holds up in court if you fortify it with a large enough army of lawyers.
@fluffy @freedcreative corporate lawyers are literal demons and we should hunt them doomguy style
@mangeurdenuage @freedcreative just seems like behavioral data

very different from assigning your IP to them
@mangeurdenuage @freedcreative it says Your Data. Feel free to double check that this term which will be defined in the agreement is what I expect. Of course it could be different but that would be totally outrageous
@coyote @freedcreative @mangeurdenuage yeah and that's bad. But this amazon agreement let's amzn take your game and sell it or make a sequel or write a book based on it.

@freedcreative Wows, I got through #4 and was like "Hmm, pretty standard corporate boilerplate" but damn did it go downhill fast after that!

@freedcreative Development "will pe performed outside regular working hours" and not use any Amazon resources -> Amazon owns all the IP


6 was known since they tried to release their own game engine

7 is utter bullcrap

@freedcreative I thought having to put it on an Amazon store and use Amazon tools was draconian, then I read those last two bullets 😬😬😬

@freedcreative so, you can only do your own projects outside of working hours but they want control over what you use, who you work with, and a license for the IP?

very interesting that they think they can direct time, place, and manner for things that aren't in the job description

@freedcreative ffs this reminds me of the paperwork i had to sign as a caricature artist at disney world

if i drew any original characters while on disney property they had rights to the characters

*is gay does crimes, draws their OCs anyway*

@freedcreative Mais ? C'est quoi, un Personal Game? N'importe quel jeu vidéo développé sur son temps perso ?

@freedcreative by "personal game" do they literally mean a game that an employee would dev completely outside of their working hours, and which has nothing to do with Amazon?? I really don't understand how it's legal that they put a contract on that?

@freedcreative Does this apply to all Amazon employees or just the employees hired to do game development?

@NEETzsche Apparently it’s a game we profit from but you are personally liable for. Great deal!

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