Just finished making this little isometric mini world in . Been wanting to try this for a while. Made up of photos from Unsplash.

Krita is really, really good for photo editing / manipulation. Non destructive adjustments, perspective warping, easy clipping and masking. Sometimes a little laggy, but a legit alternative to Photoshop.

@freedcreative Wow, pretty cool, Kezz. By chance, last few days I've been intrigued by photogrammetry techniques applied to design, since I learned Bethesda's next Elder Scroll's game is using them for NPCs and maybe everything else.

@tagomago Thanks! 😀

Photogrammetry is next level huh. I think the first game I saw it in was The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. I almost couldn’t play the game for stopping to stare at every little detail along the way.

Some absolutely beautiful results.

@freedcreative really beautiful! It would be nice to see the material you started from ;)

@satur Thank you! 😀 And good idea! One moment, I’ll round up the pictures and post them.

@freedcreative I first thought it was something physical, with the water made out of epoxy resin. :)

@freedcreative to be precise, it reminded me of these deep pour epoxy resin sets that Adam Savage's Tested did once:

@freedcreative Wow! This looks incredible. I’d love to see a tutorial on how you’ve used Krita to make it :-)

@mr_oova You got it!

What would be more interesting. An in retrospect rundown of how this one was made, or a walkthrough with a fresh design?

@freedcreative @mr_oova I would personally love a retrospect rundown of how you made this design…would love to give it a try myself!

@tomupom @mr_oova Okay cool!

I’m thinking a bit of a rundown of each the editing techniques involved and which Krita tools to use for them. And a general overview of the sequence of steps.

Probably won’t be able to remember everything I did in detail, but I should be able to capture the most useful stuff.

@freedcreative @tomupom Sounds like a good plan! I'd love to see a general rundown of how the project was constructed, and different techniques you've used (Especially techniques on connecting textures together).

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