Time will tell, but I’m hoping for a net reduction of e-waste due to the timing of the Steam Deck and Windows 11 announcements.

My thinking is something like 94% of personal computers run Windows, and Microsoft has effectively told everyone to junk any of those devices that are older than a few years.

If Valve manages to popularize an open OS, and in turn gets more software devs to also support it, my hope is it will increase the chances of an OS switch instead of putting PCs into landfill.

@freedcreative Given the chance, I'll do my bit to push things in that direction! I've made preparations to bring old hardware back to life tomorrow (using a choice of Manjaro, elementary, or Linux Lite), if I'm brought any!

@freedcreative Yeah, also probably most regular people will stick with what they have.

@tagomago Saw a fella on YouTube today saying he has seven computers and none of them will run Windows 11. He said he’ll just keep them on Windows 10 even once they’re unsupported.

That’s five years from now, I have to think open options are going to be stronger than ever by that time. And surely a more appealing option than unsupported Windows 10.

@freedcreative the big distros should really take the opportunity to advertise Linux among those stuck with windows 10

I think windows will try to slowly impose the "PC As a Service" maybe selling it like "greener 🌳than desktop"

But ultimately to gain 100% control over your files and workflow.

Hopelfully FOSS OS's will have the effect you describe

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