I think I realised an unconscious perception I had of exercise / working out that was wrong, and based on ambient absorption of my surrounding culture.

I was thinking it was about growth, and so was continually trying to progress - more weight / reps / steps / minutes etc. I would inevitably burn out or get hurt.

But growth is the wrong paradigm. Stability and sustainability is the right paradigm. Not “How can I do more today?”, but “What can I do every day?”.

Perma-exercise 😀


I really like this perspective. Reminds me of the dancers I know of who are still doing their thing into their nineties.

@RussSharek Wow, really? That’s incredible. I’d love to hear what they figured out about how to make that happen.


The only thing I've heard is to do every day and, like you said, think in terms of long term...avoid injury through strengthening the body, use good technique, and adapting to changes age brings.

@freedcreative Actually your "what can I do every day" will change over time, as your body adapts to the exercise. But there's always limits and cycles (psychological, physical) that you must recognize and deal with in order to hack your motivation without breaking yourself. A base limit is also a good idea for being constant.

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