Shower thought: Were encouraged to give up playing and having fun when we near adulthood because it hardens us for a life in which we’ll either exploit and/or be exploited.

So one of the things we can do to push back is to reclaim the playfulness and fun in every part of our life that we can, including and especially work, if possible.

Inject the joy of play back in that we all should have been able to keep going, unbroken from childhood.

@freedcreative This reminded me of the famous quote from german (children's book) author Erich Kästner: "Only those who grow up and remain a child are human."

I read that often as a kid and thought I'd could not be that difficult :/

@jollysea For real, it’s an ongoing process to reclaim it over and over again!

@freedcreative Agreed!

And for some of us whom had a subpar/horrid childhood; reclaiming what we never had shall bring much joy.

@vertori Absolutely! It should never have been quashed by anyone. Take back the most natural state of being.

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