Made a new isometric mini world using .

I really enjoy making these and Krita has a load of image manipulation features that make it very fun to work with.

Still planning a tutorial on the last one, as soon as I’m able.

@freedcreative This is so cool! Please @ me when you post the tutorial, I'd love to share it :D

This is great! I love watching people's beautiful drawings like this but I don't think I ever saw one made from photos too.

@deerbard It’s really good fun working this way. Also, the images are all Creative Commons or public domain, so it feels like a collaboration.

@freedcreative this looks amazing. I'd love to work through a tutorial to learn how to do this sort of stuff. 😻

@david I’m waiting on a microphone I need to make a video tutorial properly. Considering doing a written one in the mean time. What do you think?

@freedcreative Personally a written one would be awesome. But appreciate it would take time to write. 💚

@david Written is actually easier given you usually have to write something up before recording a video anyway.

Just need to get my site online, which is overdue anyway!

@freedcreative Amazing! I would definitely enjoy a tutorial or even a timelapse of the process.

@dyamon Maybe I could do both! The upcoming Krita 5 has built in timelapse capture so that will be helpful.

@freedcreative so beautiful! It gives me Count of Monte Cristo vibes, especially with the cavern at the right.

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