We still must insist on Linux native games, Proton will only get us so far and there's every chance that a game could be updated to no longer work with Proton or something like that. With Linux native games that's less of a problem

@LinuxLounge I'm left wondering why Linux-native games are a problem. We have OpenGL/Vulkan, GLFW, SDL, etc & games generally don't try to emulate the native UX. It's trivial to make them cross-platform, so why are so many Windows exclusive?


@alcinnz @LinuxLounge Meanwhile, Bearded Giant Games is a dev who decided, screw it, and made his games focus on Linux first: beardedgiant.games/linux-first

I chatted with him briefly and he said he got fed up with all the messing around for Windows and just wanted to focus on his own preferred system first. He also said the support he got in return was excellent.

I wouldn’t mind doing something like this. Just support Linux and other not-big-tech systems you actually like.

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