Converted my isometric graphics into fiat textures in then applied them to some basic models in . Exported to and set them up as a grid map, which is a pretty cool feature.

Happy with the call to go from 2D to 3D, it’s a lot easier and more flexible and I like how it’s coming together.

@freedcreative Is this the result on Godot ? wow it looks really good :)!

@freedcreative I saw once the grid map feature on a youtube video seemed a little cumbersome to use how was your experience with it ?

@mario_afk Yes, it’s Godot. And thanks!

I quite like the grid map functionality. I guess it’s probably a little cumbersome in some regards, but by comparison to working with the 2D isometric tile map system it felt easy.

@freedcreative glad to hear I'm planning on doing a small 3D game soon on Godot :)

@mario_afk Oh cool!

Is there anything in particular you’ve wondered about the grid map system, in regards to your game idea?

I’m making this collection of blocks in order to share, so it would be cool to get more ideas on things I could try out in order to make the asset as useful as possible.

@freedcreative not yet, the plan is to start working on it at the end of the month so that we can finish it up by day of the dead but game specifics are still up in the air, when I'm more advance in the process I may come back with questions :)

@freedcreative that’s a really nice styling. Good work 👍🏼

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