Thinking about how the whole idea of “alpha male” wolves is a myth, based off behaviour only exhibited in captivity. Also thinking about how capitalism & colonialism are effectively systems of captors and captives.

When not in captivity, violent struggles between wolves for dominance are rare or non existent. Meanwhile, the majority of people live in some kind of captivity. How does this change our behaviour? What would we be like if the majority were instead free?

Well said. Its #banker and #CEO based #debtSlavery.

A lot of CEOs are rebranded generals. There's a huge cross-section that are actual #psychopaths too.

The suit and tie, and #mediaTraining just helps them get away with their #kleptocratic and #antisocial behaviour.

Just wait till they try to introduce CentralBankDigitalCurrencies (#CBDC) and ban physical currency and crypto.

#cbdcs #neofeudalism #getNEOED

@dsfgs I think the greatest single goal we can have is to identify and disrupt the infrastructures used to enable captors to maintain captivity.

@freedcreative I feel like capitalism has manufactured a pyramid of ignorance around the natural sciences. Sitting at the top is a general misunderstanding of natural selection — and, ugh, survival of the fittest — and from there it trickles down into all these broken ideas of how competition and co-operation function. I think a lot of what people believe to be aspects of 'human nature' are just learned behaviours supported or justified by the framework that most of us live within.

@flatmountain Oh my God the survival of the fittest thing. There are so many prevalent misunderstandings of science but that’s one that’s particularly widely accepted.

I was reading recently about the different colors prisoners in nazi death camps were immediately forced to wear, so that segregation and hierarchy stifled cooperation against their captors.

I see the same psychological manipulations being used at large, and people being completely drawn in while totally oblivious of them.

@freedcreative That's interesting! I did know the "alpha wolf" was a myth, but not that wolf packs are normally this small. I assumed wolves were more social than that. But it makes sense; there's only so much food in one area, so it is better to spread out.
Your thoughts about us all living in captivity, in a way, are also interesting. There are definitely many things we do just because we must, if we wish to get money, if we wish to survive. In a more ideal world, with enough resources for everyone, perhaps more people would be satisfied with what they had.
Thank you for sharing!

@freedcreative violence between humans significantly predates capitalism and colonialism. The first recorded human story (Epic of Gilgamesh) is full of it

Earlier (prehistoric) evidence of violence goes back 10K years

Hierarchies, too, have been prevalent practically everywhere reflecting the difficulty to organize complex society without them

A pacifist and egalitarian society is not something to "go back to" but something to invent and evolve *towards to*.

@openrisk I didn’t suggest that capitalism invented violence.

What I suggested is that a lot of behaviours we typically count as “human nature” are likely driven by situations of captivity.

Slavery, i.e. humans keeping other humans captive for the purpose of exploitation, also goes back as far as every ancient culture.

I’m reflecting on two of the, often under recognised, forms in which human captivity exists today.

@openrisk As for hierarchies, they’re an illusion. What is real and required are organised structures.

The parts of an engine don’t function through a hierarchy, where one part is judged “better” or “higher” than all the rest. Rather, each part plays an important role in the organised structure.

Hierarchies exist conceptually only, so that captors (and those who wish to be) can reinforce their position of claiming rightful ownership over others due to their superiority.

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