"That doesn't make any sense. We can't let the user make a judgement on
whether something is a good idea or not based on a text which is
supplied by malicious content."

I was talking about this "zones of death" concept the other day... Apple's saying Google doesn't understand it! Wouldn't be the only thing.

@freedcreative why the heck would anyone ever even suggest an “idle detection” API for the web? can I just read a freakin’ page of text or look at some picture in peace and not have my every slightest action catalogued and analyzed? 😞 the constant push of tech leaders exerting power over others just gets so tiring…


@freedcreative right? it’s like that patent where the person has to stand up and say “McDonald’s!” to end the ad early or whatever. 😅 Obviously the person/people proposing this API don’t have a creative enough imagination about the malicious ways such an API will be used (or they just don’t care because doubling-down on their chance to make their mark etc.)…

@amatecha Or they do have exactly enough imagination and expect to make lots of money from the malicious implementations.

Imagine also, with increased normalisation of home based work, the capacity for Amazon style slave driving through web based monitoring tools.

@amatecha @freedcreative this is so petty a view.

icve implemented idle detection for various projects & clients half a dozen times. never once for data collection. so we can stop doing background work. so we can close some connections. so we can alleviate load. it's easy to write some idle detection, look for mouse or keyboard activity. but that itself takes work, & can be kind of dodgy if you do it wrong. just putting it in the browser makes sense.

put down your pitchforks. everyone wants to be so mad at chrome, all the time, over everything. everyone assumes bad intent & dramatizes how bad each thing will be. ya'll need to fix yourselves.

@amatecha @freedcreative meanwhile Safari and Firefox have everything in the world to gain by pissing in the cheerios every time they can, spreading as much dissent & distrust ahainst Google as they can to boost their own images, so the situation keeps growing worse & worse.

@jauntywunderkind420 @amatecha @freedcreative of course we assume bad intent. The benefits have long been outweighed by the risks wrt browsers.

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