It’s now a year and a half since I was unceremoniously pushed exclusively into Apple land whether I liked it or not (I did not).

As of next week I'm now 95% released from Apple jail, thanks to a combination of newly released tech and some physical recovery.

I'll have voice dictation, gesture typing and hand writing recognition on an Android tablet arriving Monday, and via Windows on my pen display.

Both OSs obviously have big issues BUT they don’t block me from using the FOSS I want to use.

My replacement phone arrived a few days ago and holy God I love it.

I immediately installed F-Droid and I now have about 10 fediverse apps and half a dozen Nextcloud apps installed. I also have all FOSS email, password management, web browsing and writing tools.

And for evil social media, I have new clients that trim off the evilest bits of functionality.

Oh and my widgets actually work, my battery lasts twice as long, and holding the phone hurts my hands less due to rounded edges.

Virtually everything on this device is preferable to me over the iPhone.

Though one thing I haven’t found yet is a Mastodon client or web interface setting that allows me to post multiple toots in a thread at once on Android.

I’m sure it exists though, can anyone point me the right direction?

It is not enabled by default though. It's under Options > Settings > Compose > Automatically split...

@dualhammers I went with the Galaxy s21, after much consideration.

The deciding factors in the end were its light weight, reports of comfort to hold (accurate), and UI optimised to be easy on the hands.

@freedcreative if you dont mind me asking, what are you using for voice recognition? can you control your device through voice alone?

@rafavital At this point it's primarily for writing, though at first I needed it for full device control as well.

Even though I can now mostly use my hands for device control, I do also like to know I have the ability to fall back on voice control if needed, which I can do on Android.

I'd prefer to be able to do so while preserving my privacy, but I'll take the wins where I can get them.

@rafavital Oh sorry, I misread. It will be Google Assistant for voice dictation & recognition.

I'm painfully aware of the major privacy issues, but I pretty much lost my privacy from ambient voice recognition services already, so now I'm just trying to make the best of it.

@freedcreative No problem, the other answer helped as well, sadly I don't know any alternatives to voice assistants that respect your privacy either. I asked because a friend of mine is stuck on OSX due to his disability, the only way he found to use the computer comfortably was through a voice assistant that's currently only available for OSX so I'm always on the lookout for alternatives as I know he is a Linux enthusiast

@rafavital There's big potential on Linux with Talon, which is FOSS and locally run.

However the catch 22 is it's more like a framework you build out to suit your own voice control needs, which requires a decent amount of Python to be written, and that's hard to do if you have trouble accessing typing on the desktop.

That said, theoretically everything needed for full voice control is possible, if you can bridge that setup gap. I have plans to chip away at it myself.

Congratulation on your emancipation. Your frustration at alienation of application is relation by a proportion of population. Augmentation of animation is a celebration.

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