Decided to do an eye study. Set out to learn / practice cross hatching technique. Discovered I really prefer gradient shading. with the G-Pen and a shading pencil added at the end.

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@freedcreative i rather like cross hatching- but like not on a computer- using the proper traditional tools and techniques i was privileged to learn from a master a long time ago. it allows for accidents and a greater feel. gooosshh i should dig that stuff back out.

@zens I really like cross hatching too! Watching some Alfonso Dunn videos inspired me to give it a go.

I'd definitely like to try with physical media too, that would be ace. My thinking was I could practice a little digitally first so I didn't waste too many materials.

Reflecting, I think it's that shading comes more easily to me, rather than a preference. I should try again!

I'd love to see some of your cross hatching work, and any advice would be gratefully received!

@freedcreative i think i’ll need to make a video, and do the classic power move of painting my nails some amazing color. i’m not a master but i can relay what i learned.

@freedcreative i think i need to get some ink tho… not sure if i have any

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