I think I'm going to write books teaching FOSS creative software.

For a long time I was thinking I'd be all about video tutorials and courses. Then I hit some accessibility road blocks, but now I *could* make video learning material with a few more pieces of equipment.

Yet I think I'd actually like to try focusing on written material and see if that can be as helpful to people.

I usually prefer working in the medium, and I do like to learn from books myself, so I think it would be cool.


The first one I have in mind is "Inkscape in an Hour".

It's a concept I started on for a video course, where you would get an incredibly thorough grounding in the software but it would be very dense and concise so you'd only need one hour.

I think that idea would translate pretty well into book format.

@freedcreative Sounds like a great idea! Inkscape is one of those FOSS programs I’ve always to learn but found a bit daunting, especially given I don’t have any real background in graphics.

@smoliva I was the same way too, even with a background in graphics.

I was used to Photoshop, Affinity and Figma. I tried Inkscape multiple times and noped out back to what was familiar.

Then I switched to Linux and using Inkscape became inevitable. Because I really didn't want to switch back I dug in harder and was struck by hidden gem after hidden gem and grew to love the software.

I'd really love to capture that whole discovery period so others can see Inkscape how I do.

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