Year 4 or maybe even 5 with , still finding cool stuff.

I'm working on a WP site for a client. I can create a direct link to their site in Dolphin via FTP.

I click on what looks like a regular folder to connect, then I can browse the site files as though they were local.

Opening up a file to edit defaults to Kate, and because Kate is integrated so nicely it knows when I save the file to automatically upload the changes.

As seamless as it gets for editing over FTP.

@freedcreative I'm not really a fan of kde (any more) but this sounds awesome.

@lordvalor That looks like a cool utility.

I wouldn't say "better" as that's very much down to use case.

But this looks very useful for certain use cases, thanks for the tip.

@freedcreative does KDE still use its own kio for this that only works with KDE apps? Gnome's gvfs does the same thing for FTP/SSH and others, and actually mounts them as filesystems so they work with any app. it's possible to use gvfs in KDE using an app called "Gigolo".

@guenther I don't really know tbh, I haven't dug around much. I can edit with other applications but there is an extra confirmation or two after saving. With Kate it happens seamlessly.

@guenther @freedcreative You can use kio-fuse to mount your kio remote folders. But you are losing one of the biggest advantages of KIO: its asyncronisity.

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