Asking questions about colonial seggregation systems 

Asking from a position of genuinely wanting to learn more, to build on recent learning:

So I now understand using colours to label ethnic groups has no basis in reality and is fabricated to facilitate colonisation, segregation, exploitation and genocide.

Does that mean we should just stop using those terms all together?

I fully acknowledge my enormous ignorance. But I am wondering, does continuing to use the terms validate them?

Asking questions about colonial seggregation systems 

Congratulations on starting a journey to learn. I here give you my white perspective:

I think it boils down to this: if it is a self-description by a group AND that group wants to be adressed (by white people) with that description, it is ok, even mandatory to use that description/identification .

An example might be: Black women. (please note the capital B , which indicates that it is not a color, but a self-identification).

Asking questions about colonial seggregation systems 

@joachim_kreativ In that case, I'm thinking the right thing to do is to wait for a person to self identify, and for them to also invite others to use the same identifier, otherwise don't make any assumptions.

I also wonder about broad language too.

It seems to me that, especially as someone of European decent, I can do harm just by continuing to use those terms in general language.

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