I'd like to learn about charitable projects that use to provide educational opportunities to people who would otherwise be locked out due to software purchase prices.

Can anyone put me onto projects like this they're aware of?

I'm particularly interested in programs teaching design and digital art skills. But any org that creates opportunity for people through accessible software is of great interest, especially in highly disadvantaged communities.

Boosts welcome.


There's a local laptop recycling group that takes donated laptops, repairs them, puts Linux on them (Mint maybe?) and then gives them away to kids that need them.

@float13 That's really cool! Do you know the name of the group?

@freedcreative @float13 Maybe this? They take donated notebooks, clean them, put some sort of linux on it (depending on the specs) and donate them to schools or other groups that need them

@freedcreative I hear a lot about projects like that but many aren't active for long or aren't local. Our Linux Users Group used to donate rebuilt computers with Linux once a year. Schoolforge used to share information on Free educational software and tools. (I have their database.) Both groups are defunct. Software Freedom Day annually promotes Free Software. #ToriOS was designed to give life to older computers.There are some FLOSS volunteer projects and citizen science projects.

@freedcreative I have too many links to post easily here, so I'll refer you to this page: Scroll towards the bottom for the links for volunteer requests. Mozilla Common Voice needs volunteers and the FSF has their own volunteer page.

@freedcreative I like but for that they still require Google login unfortunately. (It was started by a Googler...)

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