Me: Oh, @penpot sounds good, let me see what it’s like…

*goes on site*

“Login with Google”

*alarm bells*

Hmm, who funded this?


Venture capital firm (Kaleidos Ventures SL)… how interesting that their site never once mentions an exit even though that’s how venture capitalists make their money…

So, yeah…

Don’t you just love “open source?”

(And how it doesn’t mean “free as in freedom?”)

#design #openSource #freeAsInFreedom #ventureCapital

So I just tried @penpot with a very basic task that was frustrating in Krita*: namely, marking up photos of the windows in my new office with measurements to have blinds fitted.

And they are building a really nice tool. Shame about it being venture-capital funded but, idea for interested folks: keep an eye on it and fork if you smell an exit.

* Before anyone asks: I can’t use Inkscape or Gimp as they still don’t display correctly on my HiDPI screen so it’s a no-go from the start.

(It’s still very early. On Firefox, at least, I couldn’t get it to make shapes black for example or properly display shades; there was something wrong with the colour picker. But looks like a solid foundation.)


@aral The eventual impact of VC backing concerns me too, however at least for now this is one of those cases where it's quite positive in relation to the alternatives.

My progression has been: stuck on Adobe with PS > stuck on Win/Mac for Sketch/Affinity > Linux via Figma but proprietary software / file formats and functionality limitations > to now FOSS with no Linux limitations and open file formats.

That said, Akira UX is still in the oven and may just be The Chosen One.

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