I'm sick of guessing and later being disappointed, so I want a round up of FOSS projects maintained by people who are explicitly:

1. Against being assholes to marginalized groups
2. Opposed to "web3", NFTs and crypto-scams

If this is you or someone you know of please reply with the related projects. Boosts appreciated.

I'll start with a couple I'm aware of:

ElementaryOS @elementary
Krita @Krita
uxn by @neauoire
Browsers being built by @alcinnz

By the way if we can round up enough projects here I'll format it all together and put it up on a Codeberg page.

@freedcreative I feel the need to note: I don't want to suggest that blockchains can't have valid usecases.

However I have zero interest in them, they are often scammy, IRL contacts of mine enthused about it don't seem to know what they're talking about, and I hate that blockchain has become synonymous with decentralized.

@elementary @Krita @neauoire

> 1. Against being assholes to marginalized groups
Sure, that's easier to be a asshole to everyone.

> 2. Opposed to "web3", NFTs and crypto-scams
Yeah, but many FOSS members are retrogrades, that's why GNU/Linux and FreeBSD distributions are still not ready for desktop.

@freedcreative it's not exactly against cryptocurrency in particular but more broadly one of the core design tenets of Fennel is to not be useful at all to Silicon Valley VC-backed tech companies but to be used by end users instead

@technomancy Given NFT startups all seem to be VC backed, that sounds like pretty significant crossover.

Cool looking project too!

@technomancy @freedcreative

It’s *really* hard to make a general purpose tool that is useful for everything *except* $THING. I’ve found it more useful to figure out who I’m writing it *for* and prioritize them.

@suetanvil @freedcreative in general this is difficult but the absurd prejudices and oversights of silicon valley culture make it a lot easier. to them no code could possibly be relevant unless it's running inside a kubertetes cluster on AWS or Azure and has a hiring pool of millions. a system whose main strength is being under 1MB is effectively invisible.

@technomancy @freedcreative

This is nicely self-selective. As, I suppose, avoiding the relevant buzzwords would also be.

I guess it doesn't hurt that most of that stuff is absolutely tedious, boring crap.

I've also been using the AGPL (often with relevant exceptions) for stuff when it doesn't cause my intended users undue hardship for much the same reason. It turns out that a Wx-style exception to the AGPL is perfectly fine for frameworks and compilers.

For service providers? Not so much.

@zbrown Please tell me more! Any special projects close to you heart?

@freedcreative unfortunatly I don't have much time for them but KGX & Dia are my main toys

@SkinnyFeels I don't want to make any assumptions so I'm hoping to hear from people who know more about various projects than I do.

Please check my projects on Codeberg (Izzy) 🙃 My websites are almost web 1.0 (no bullshit, no cookies, no tracking).
@elementary @krita @neauoire @alcinnz

@freedcreative @9front to 1, definitely, and very likely to 2 also, afaict. But we are very "uninteresting" to most people in the world, so who cares

@freedcreative @9front nice. I was just referring to the fact that we as a community mostly don't care about people's opinions about us 🙂
So feel free to care

I mean, I'm pretty much against those things too, but nothing I have on Github and Codeberg is likely to be particularly useful. Maybe libqdinp2, if you like especially strange input libraries designed to invoke a lost past?
@elementary @Krita @neauoire @alcinnz
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