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Fuck fuck fucking fuck me. Does web 3 shit have to be everywhere??

Went to go use an html templating language I used to love. Now sponsored by crypto coin web 3 scam.

I'm trying to go DIY as much as possible to get away from all that shit, making things harder for myself in the process, but it's everywhere I turn.

Can they all just start getting done for money laundering so I never have to hear about it anymore.

And fuck capitalism for ruining absolutely everything.

language, web 3 

@freedcreative Web 3 - as currently formulated - is the shit web which nobody really wants, and where everything turns into a "get rich quick" scheme for some bro with opaque offshore accounting.

imho I think we should keep the web, but try to simplify and make things easier to implement. Less barrier to entry and less maintenance. Avoid things which require an enormous amount of implicit knowledge or high maintenance, because that leads back to a rule by a few experts and centralization. Make it so that it's realistic for anyone to put up a site and maintain it themselves. Outsource, and you build in weakness.

I realize that this is hopelessly distant from where the web currently is at.

language, web 3 

@bob 100% agreed on all counts.

I often want to, but I'm not ready to give up the web as a lost battle yet.

language, web 3 

@freedcreative A lot of this stuff is pretty bizarre. Next up, disabling right clicks.

language, web 3 

@freedcreative maybe it's time to abolish web 3 and go straight to web 4 :blobawkward:

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