I did it! Finally made a full video showing how I make isometric mini worlds in out of Creative Commons photos and images.

This world has a Japanese tea garden theme, and I ran the screen recorder while I made it, then added commentary of the process.

I'm looking for feedback on which techniques used people would most like dedicated step by step tutorials on, so please share your thoughts.

@Curator Took me a while, but here's that video you asked me to let you know about once made, on isometric mini worlds "photoshopped" in Krita. 😀

@freedcreative unrelated but partially related question: would you be able to teach how you use photos and images to turn them into 3d objects (maybe in blender?) for use in Godot, unity, etc? or know of good examples of this?

@exquisitecorp Good question! I don't have a lot of experience with that process myself but a couple of good videos on the topic I've watched spring to mind:

Still, I wouldn't mind putting something together with my own take on how to do it.

@freedcreative Thanks, these look daunting! :) If you do try your hand at it and end up coming up with a good system and you'd be interested in leading a workshop online for Babycastles this spring, let me know.

@exquisitecorp Yeah I think for game assets a super simplified, corner cutting approach would suit better. I have some ideas, I'll give it some proper thought.

So is babycastles doing online workshops? How does that work?

Real time is usually not my jam, but I'm still curious.

@freedcreative honestly, corner-cutting sounds great 😂

Yes, we have been doing them throughout the pandemic, online, through Twitch then re-posted to youtube afterwards. We have received a grant from the city's Dep't of Cultural Affairs that lets us pay presenters $150. We're a small volunteer-run DIY org so also collect donations to pay our bills. After a bit of break I'm working over the next few weeks to set up a sched for the upcoming winter/spring.

@freedcreative @exquisitecorp The uuh, the guy, the one that makes Dynamo and the lazy tutorials series, he has one on worldbuilding where he slaps photos together into 3D scenes. If you want something corner cut-y, it's worth probably worth a look. It's not gamedev focused tho.

@csepp @freedcreative i don't know that reference, can you link me to it? sounds like it's up my alley!

@freedcreative awesome video, great stuff. Could you expand on color correction?

@tan Thank you, and I definitely can!

Is there any particular aspect of colour correction that interests you most?

@freedcreative Beeref seems neat, I'll have to try it, just been using Gwenview with the ui turned off.

@freedcreative Yeah I knew of pureref but never used it for that reason. I'll definitely give that a try.

@freedcreative great demo! There’s something satisfying about seeing the whole process like you have here, but I bet any sub-process would make a helpful video too.

@tendigits Thank you! I think I'll start on the sub-topics of cutting things out, and recolouring things.

@freedcreative Thanks for making a video on this. You've covered a lot in this. 👏 It must've been real hard work.

btw, if anyone is looking for invidious link, let me post it here:

@adnan360 Oh fantastic, thank you for that!

I do have plans to get onto PeerTube, just juggling my to do list.

@lps Oh, strange. It works for me even on TOR Browser. Do you see any error message? Or just blank?

I've checked the issues page but nothing like this is listed:
Maybe you should report this.


@freedcreative amazing work and great tutorial, not planning on doing anything like that, but it was great to follow along your thought process 🤩

@bd Thanks heaps! Super happy to hear it was still interesting even though it's not your wheelhouse.

Hey, video is great!

Can I copy it on a peertube server?

@dubs120 @artlog06 Thanks! You certainly can. I do plan to get it onto TIL Vids but the more the merrier.

@freedcreative @dubs120 @artlog06 It’s currently being uploaded (slowly, youtube-dl is slow today) to (it’s not particularly thematic and actually it’s the first publicly-listed video of the instance :D ). Can you please check that I correctly wrote your information (in particular the license?)

@immae @dubs120 @artlog06 This is perfect, thank you for doing that!

And yes, that's my preferred license. Much appreciated. 🙏

@dubs120 @freedcreative

you can use my peertube instance, still it is quite slow recently since 4.0.0 version.... I will have to upgrade to a rasp pi4 i think ...

@artlog06 @dubs120 That sounds great, thank you! I'm guessing your instance is art focused?

@freedcreative Hey Kezz, just watched it, amazing job! Also very good speech!! I'll add the channel to my RSS reader. Interested in those individual tutorials you mentioned at the end...

@tagomago Thanks Tagomago! Any sub topic you're more interested in than others, or equally interested across the board?

@freedcreative Hmm, probably working with masks and channels, which I saw you make heavy use of and I'm so rusty at that, and perspective. Again, excellent job!

@freedcreative Just finished watching it again from beginning to end, so many great tips! The fine details are really what set it apart, thanks so much for sharing:)

@lps Oh you watched it twice, that's so cool! Makes me happy. 😊

@freedcreative Wow, the video is absolutely awesome! I hope many more will be just as keen as I am on the effects of the techniques you show in the video. With that level of quality your videos will easily take off in the near future.

As for another video, after one explaining the basics of alpha channel manipulation I'd be interested in seeing a video in detail on how you change the apparent shadow directions (like on the trees) by using filter masks.

@cyastis Thank you so much!

Well that works out perfectly, because that's the exact plan I'm working on right now.

I'm half finished making the one about cutting things out, so I think it should be out tomorrow.

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