If common behaviours were pathologised:

MFOD - Monetary fixation obsessive disorder

DAAD - Diversity aversion & avoidance disorder

CEDD - Chronic empathy deficit disorder

LRDD - Logic & rationale deficit disorder

CFHD - Capital & financial hoarding disorder

@freedcreative it’s time … I always felt, that we’re treating the wrong people!

@freedcreative @Stoori this is rly great, but also i think LRDD also needs its opposite up there. there are heaps of pathological ways ppl insist on reason and logic to delegitimate less normative approaches, or when what they are really insisting on is simply behaviour that is more conformist. it's like subjectivist colonialism...

@mousebot @Stoori @freedcreative
Not at me particularly because I always try to argue based on rationality first and foremost, but I've sure witnessed it a lot

@anarchiv @Stoori @freedcreative but anyway, can't just dis someone's cool post and not contribute! need to come up w some rad acronyms like theirs. und zwar...

LRHD -- Logic and Rationality Hyperinsistence Disorder

@mousebot @Stoori I did have a second thought on that one, but I decided it had to go in to represent some of the wild behaviour we've seen throughout the pandemic.

But I agree, the "Faxun lojik" brigade have, ludicrously, coopted the concept of logic. However to my mind many people use a pretence of logic to cover for conformity and often supremacy.

So I consider this psuedo-logic. Actual logic starts with the premise of avoiding bias through keeping a wide open mind.

There's also people who use actual facts and actual logic in unhealthy ways, by insisting that every question be addressed exclusively based on their logic and facts -- including questions of taste, affection and emotional needs/states.
They will frequently falsely believe themselves to be unaffected by emotion (but of course are everything but)

(Emotional Self-Awareness Deficiency)

@mousebot @Stoori

@freedcreative This is fantastic and I love it. Have you read that satirical blog post which offers advice to parents whose child has been diagnosed as "neurotypical"?

@jaycie I have! It's what started me thinking about these things. And even though I'm joking, I'm also really not.

If we quantified what needs treatment by the damage it causes to self and others these things would be determined to require urgent care.

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