As promised, here's the first of the step by step guides to specific image manipulation techniques using .

First up, how to cut out images and remove their backgrounds. I give 7 different methods so you have options to suit different types of images:

TILvids (PeerTube) version is on the way, I'm just waiting for it to do some processing then I'll post the link when its ready.

@freedcreative Hey Kezz, just watched this! Reeeally good video, lean and to the point. I'll be using this as reference for sure. But somehow I hadn't registered yet that you worked with Krita rather than Gimp, which is my usual raster editor, although I'm very open to the switch. Thing is, last time I tried Krita, I got the feeling that the edits where a bit too destructive in quality. Have you experienced something similar? Anything I did wrong or any option I should check?

@tagomago Thanks Tagomago!

I use non-destructive workflows for most of what I do in Krita. It definitely has more non-destructive functions than gimp currently does.

The specifics depend on what you're trying to do, e.g. cutting out, transforming, colour correcting etc. But as a general rule look at layer masks like transparency, filter and transform masks.

These apply non-destructive changes directly to layers. Transform masks can get laggy though, but are still very useful.

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