Encanto made me feel sad, spoilers 

I watched Encanto because I saw a bunch of people to whom I relate saying they related to the film.

At the end I just felt sad, for two main reasons:

1. Everyone, including her family, loved and accepted her for who she is even though she was different. My brain just said, lol like that's ever going to happen.


Encanto made me feel sad, spoilers 

2. I was so mad on behalf of the Bruno character. He's done nothing wrong, has love for his family, and yet they mistreat him so badly he's driven to live secretly in the walls with only rats as friends. Then with no apology whatsoever he's expected to reintegrate back into the family like he hasn't just spent years in rejection driven isolation.

I thought the film was going to be uplifting for those who are different but for me it spotlighted the ways it sucks

Encanto made me feel sad, spoilers 

@freedcreative Yeah, I hated the film tbh.

Encanto made me feel sad, spoilers 

@freedcreative I liked the film, but the character of the grandma was *terrible*. Her suffering when she was young is not an excuse for her mistreating everybody in the family :(

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