Australian mornings.

You get up and walk through a spider web, across your shins or face. You know there's a spider in the house but not where. Maybe in the curtains, maybe in the furniture.

It might crawl up the side of your chair layer while you're chilling. Or you might never see it.

Until you walk through another of its webs a few weeks later...

Repeat all summer.

@freedcreative ugh, when I head out of the house in the morning full of beans and walk straight through a massive one... happened all the time at my last place because the path went between two big hedges.
never sure whether you took the spider with you.

@whtrbt That's the worst.

When we lived in QLD we had these humongous St John's Cross spiders that would setup a gauntlet of webs across the driveway.

If we had to go out at night it was my job to open the gate. So I'd have to wander down the drive, waving my arm ahead of me to intercept any possible webs. Then they were always a few near the gate so I'd have to do limbo moves to get under the webs to open the gate.

Do not miss QLD spiders.

@freedcreative thank god mine are all wimpy Victorian spiders. I do know the wave though. XD

@freedcreative I was in Brisbane a few years ago and decided to take a walk into the suburbs from the CBD apartment where I was staying.

I think I only walked for about 30 mins before I came across a suburban power line that had huge spiders dangling down, alongside a family of bats who were also hanging around.

Needless to say I got out of there very quickly.

@tomupom It gets pretty wild in QLD huh.

Another one we had was moving into a new place, looking over the back fence and seeing a huge tree absolutely choc full of communal spiders.

It was so thick with web it looked like candy floss.

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