Just finished making a little intro animation for my videos on creative FOSS.

Made the graphics in @inkscape. Animated them in @godotengine and used a script to dump an image sequence.

Used ffmpeg to go from images to video, then to chroma key transparency in so the layers below show through.

I just installed the new BeeRef.org and it is the perfect open source replacement for PureRef.

Easy drag and drop to gather images, easy automated arrangement of said images. Exactly what I was looking for.

My fully creative stack is almost complete.

It’s a little personal but fuck it, I’ll include the specifics for the clarity.

Last night I jumped in the shower then realised I’d left my exfoliating glove in the other bathroom. So I called out to my partner who went and grabbed it for me.

I’ve never searched for anything remotely related to exfoliating gloves in my entire life. Nothing tangential like skin care or anything either. Zip. Zero. In all of time.

Then today I get this ad, also unrelated to any other ads I’ve been seeing:

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Just finished making this little isometric mini world in . Been wanting to try this for a while. Made up of photos from Unsplash.

Krita is really, really good for photo editing / manipulation. Non destructive adjustments, perspective warping, easy clipping and masking. Sometimes a little laggy, but a legit alternative to Photoshop.

Just tried @penpot properly for the first time, and it’s great! Made this little graphic to test it out.

Installed it locally via docker quite smoothly, and now have it humming away nicely on my machine.

I have a site redesign coming up, and I’m going to put it together using Penpot as a first full project.

I always liked the functionality of Figma, but the lack of Linux support was a point of frustration many times, not to mention Penpot is libre under MPL 2.0. Fantastic!

Cactus boy complete.

Got all the way through with no pen display bugs too.

Very enjoyable doing on . I think it'll be my go to.

I discovered you can do pixel perfect lines for in by using the.brush stabilizer with at least the numbers seen in the attached video.

It also has the added benefit of the stabilization helping with the lines.

Wow, these horrible “rules” regarding “Personal Game” development Amazon employees have to agree to before taking employment are so cartoonishly villainous they actually made me laugh out loud.

Finished (near enough) the photo manipulation I started in last year.

I learned a lot since then and I wouldn’t now start an illustration the way I did then, so there’s lots in this that could be corrected, but I’m happy enough with it to move on to the next thing.

And I’m mainly just really happy to have found a way to come back and wrap this up on all . Had to fight some lag along the way, but lots of powerful functionality.

For finishing touches I used and .

I've been having the best time customising every corner of my new Linux install. Man I missed this. Given Apple land only gives the choice of grey or white, I was utterly delighted with the full blast color of the Sweet Mars theme. Probably wont be any subtlety here any time soon.

Got a bunch of touch oriented setup done, like touchegg gestures and easy hand reach layout. Tablet drivers are a little unstable but workable, so I had a nice few hours in Krita on a photobash I started last year.

This is kind of a trip. I decided to open up the exact document I was working on in Inkscape when my left hand first started to hurt, an isometric dungeon block set I’d done a bunch of copying and pasting in.

Last modified exactly one year ago.

I told my partner about the timing coincidence, and he said see, never give up hope because you never know what’s going to happen.

And I burst into tears 😭 😭 😭

Now, to complete this damn dungeon block set.

Holy effing balls it works!!!

Digimend didn't work, but the XP Pen drivers for their 24" pen display did immediately!

My Manjaro was too neglected to update smoothly, and the drivers for this are all debs, so I did a fresh Kubuntu install.

Posted from my brand new, I got Linux back, eff you hand injuries, I love FOSS and KDE, pen and touch driven desktop.

I'm frikkin back!!! :D :D :D

Holy crap, basics work on Linux out of the box!!

I was expecting an image if I was lucky, but touch and basic pen input already work, and that’s on a Manjaro install that hasn’t been updated in a year.

That means theoretically at least pixel art and photo editing are already in.

Next stop, after updating is done, try digimend drivers and see if I can get pressure, maybe even tilt.

Pls pls pls pls 🙏

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Step 1 complete, and so far so good! Super hyped!!

Now to pull out the cords for the desktop PC I haven’t been able to use in a year, because Mac runs FOSS art apps like garbage.

This tablet will definitely work on Windows, so if I can get my FOSS apps going on there, that’s a huge leap forward.

But I’m still going to also try for Linux. Fingers crossed!

Here’s one! QJoyPad

I’d actually get 8 possible shortcuts on the joystick and I assume 4 on the d-pad. I think I could do a lot with 12 shortcuts.

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I really wanted to try the “realistified” thing from Benny Productions on YouTube, where people send him their drawings and he makes them realistic looking with photo manipulation.

So I asked my other half to do a drawing for me, and he drew a little creature he always used to draw as a kid. I’m really happy with the result, and he got a buzz out of seeing his creature all rendered up. This was so much fun, definitely going to do again.

Played around with 2D last night to see what I could do with lighting and shadow to give flat shapes an illusion of depth.

Found a bunch of unexpected cool stuff like bloom and time mapping post processing effects, and was kinda blown away with what’s possible with minimal effort over just a few hours.

Climate change 

At this point I see any outcome short of converting the planet into Venus as an absolute win.

Ooh, I quite like the new Firefox UI, both light and dark versions.

Was initially unsure about the floating tabs but on closer inspection I’m really taking to them.

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