Interesting seeing the effects of meditation vs. cardio on the heart. Down to 56bpm during meditation, and almost max for my age 175bpm during exercise.

Both things working as intended I suppose!

After a long period with no unattended microphones in the house I have had to allowed one to operate for the purposes of hands-free voice based device control. And sure enough…

We were just discussing purchasing an armchair, and have done a flat zero looking online for it because we were talking about getting one at a local shop. 15 minutes later there's a Google ad.

Goodbye :(

Wow, look how clean and beautiful the latest version of is. Gorgeous!

Second WIP, a set of isometric modular blocks and graphics for games. Building in .

Figured out how to handle modular system organisation well in Inkscape, get a bit of control over the swatches system, prevent performance bottoming out, and handle editable flat to iso shape conversions.

Finally happy with the direction of the colour and style. Need to build out more decorative tiles, shadows, and reflective effects. Maybe also some lights.

2 WIPs to share today. First, getting going on the "State of Linux for Creatives" roundup after you all so helpfully voted it to the top in my recent poll on which video I should start on.

Here's the list of creative software I'd like to touch on. I'm all about the FLOSS but I will also mention proprietary software as it can be key getting off Window / Mac if you don't want to be there.

The list is huge! Now just have to formulate a way not to ramble on forever about it all.

Just when FF was irritating me, @alcinnz's Odysseus browser successfully compiled from the AUR, yay! And looking crisp too.

Is there a way to handle ad blocking while using this browser Adrian? Maybe something at the OS level?

Brilliant! via with a few custom colours is exactly what I've been thinking for some time I'd love to have.

That is, an internet that looks and reads just like an ebook, something like if the entire web could be view through Firefox's reader mode.

Excited to find lots of interesting content via Gemini & !

Screen shows @vidak's Gemini page.

And now it's back to showing a follow request, and I notice it says the account has no followers. Is following blocked in some way?

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Hmm, I just can't find a way to see recent @blender videos. I get the channel to show up on my own PeerTube instance, but only months old videos, while the latest one is actually 1 day ago:

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"Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality" at Itch already past half way to the $2,000,000 fundraising goal.

740 works from 564 creators.

"All proceeds will donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split 50/50."

When its all caramelised serve it. I like to have it with rice and veggies.

The end.

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Thought I'd share my easiest ever sticky tofu. Tofu + 2 ingredients. Steps in next posts.

Hey fellow vegans, if you haven't tried rice malt syrup yet get into it. I recently discovered it and it's almost identical to honey, just not as sweet.

Just used the new @inkscape 1.0 release to recreate what was a raster hand drawn circle, instead using a simple path plus two live path effects. v1.0 feeling incredibly smooth and coming in very handy already!

I was just telling a friend about the Cloud Firewall plugin for Firefox you can use to block Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and CloudFlare connections for privacy and observational interest.

Just installed it again, and how nice is it to see this beautiful green "0" right away at Merveilles. Thanks for the conscientious admin @somnius and @neauoire!

Started on my first .vimrc yesterday. This is where I got to after my first session. I liked the process a lot! Even started getting some of the space led keybinds in that I enjoy from Spacemacs / Doom and SpaceVim. Thank you for the plugin suggestions I've been given!

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