Yesterday in org-mode I found I could double click on a bullet to expand or hide the subtree.

Today it doesn't work, and I haven't changed my config.

I feel like I'm trippin. What did I miss?

Hey greybeards, I'm wondering if this is possible? (It's Emacs, I assume it is).

I'm currently using org-mode as a replacement for nested bullet note taking applications like Dynalist or Workflowy. So my formatting is set up to suit that purpose, with odd number *'s to get more indentation, and font sizing and colours to create readability when there's lots of nesting.

However I'd also like to use it in place of Markdown for article writing, and my current formatting & settings... 1/2

Would any vets be able to help me understand why I can't get left click mouse interaction going with Treemacs? Right click works fine, but I can't get any response from left click.

Also, is it possible to make the Treemacs window resizeable?

A while back I asked the fedi whether I should learn or , and got an equal number of impassioned responses for each.

I've since been learning both, and I still can't choose. I really like each in different ways.

So I don't think I will choose. I'll carry on using both.

I could even see myself optimising vim for coding work and Emacs for writing, research and task management via org-mode & markdown.

Either way, I now absolutely have enough learning that I no longer need VS Code.

Just determined that both Treemacs and Neotree in Doom seemed to be the source of lag while typing. Bummer, I like both, especially Treemacs. :(

Treemacs seems to have a more noticeable effect, and Neotree less so, both both seem to cause characters to appear a beat later than the keystroke.

I wonder if there's a way I can solve the lag effect?

Just finished my first proper coding session with + keybinds via Doom Emacs.

Still stumbling a good bit, and clearly there are faster ways to do things I don't know yet, but I liked it.

I really enjoy how roomy it feels compared to VS Code on the same monitor. And I especially like the nifty space leader keybinds. The vim keybinds are great too, but still getting used to mode switching.

Most of all love that it's not Microsoft or Electron as I prefer community software.

Wait wait wait is Org Mode also a static site generator I don't need nodejs in order to use?

*Finally* starting to get a grip on (w/evil mode) & Org Mode thanks to practising vim keybinds, installing Doom Emacs, and using TreeMacs & Centaur Tabs to help with familiarity.

Thank god.


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