Finished (near enough) the photo manipulation I started in last year.

I learned a lot since then and I wouldn’t now start an illustration the way I did then, so there’s lots in this that could be corrected, but I’m happy enough with it to move on to the next thing.

And I’m mainly just really happy to have found a way to come back and wrap this up on all . Had to fight some lag along the way, but lots of powerful functionality.

For finishing touches I used and .

Just decided to go read the hashtag on Twitter. First result was a dude in a rubber suit tied to a tree. Seems to be a fetish day so there’s a few.

I’m shocked I tell you, I was lead to believe that such a mix up over the name has never and will never happen.

For the record I love Gimp, whatever its name, but Glimpse was a valuable addition to FOSS, because it would have helped people in places that have to remain rubber suit & electrode free. The flak the maintainers got was poor form.

Hey fediverse,

I have a massive list of tutorial videos I want to make on creative software.

So I thought I'd ask for your input on which to make first from this short-list. Thoughts?

, , , ,

Could anyone give me some advice please?

If I have 16 threads on my system, what would the maximum number I could set to use without causing stability issues?

Hey all, here's the repo with the colored icons I showed yesterday for or image editors.

There are instructions for where to copy the icon folders to depending on which image editing application you're using.

Instructions are for Linux, but on other platforms you should be able to look in preferences and see where your icon themes are located, then copy the custom theme into that location.

Someone on the birdsite had the idea of applying flat colors to their tool icons in order to group them. I followed suit and I really love the result!

And btw, I absolutely love that I have the freedom to make adjustments like this. Good luck changing a single thing about Photoshop.

First in a set of 16 items I'm making, and also part of our finally finish something drive.

The project I am finishing already had a sword, but I ended up turning it into something else to work better with the rest of the set.

Decided to use even though Aseprite has more pixel oriented tools because I really want to use / as much as I can. Looking forward to using Pixelorama when it supports HiDPI.


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