Played around with 2D last night to see what I could do with lighting and shadow to give flat shapes an illusion of depth.

Found a bunch of unexpected cool stuff like bloom and time mapping post processing effects, and was kinda blown away with what’s possible with minimal effort over just a few hours.

Somebody just contributed $5 on Itch to the little shooter game project I made to help people learn Godot, Inkscape, MyPaint & LMMS! 😀

I don't wanna get all dramatic, but this might be the happiest moment of my life.

Just finished a quick tutorial showing how to move a cube in . It's a way to help you get to know the engine & editor if you're brand new to it:

My little shooter learning project is on now too if you'd like to download from there instead:

Just completed and shared an all shooter made in , meant to be a simple project others can use to help learn the engine.

Also includes , and source files.

Hosted on the community focused @codeberg

1/5 A couple of screenshots of stuff I've done in over the past year give or take.


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