Second WIP, a set of isometric modular blocks and graphics for games. Building in .

Figured out how to handle modular system organisation well in Inkscape, get a bit of control over the swatches system, prevent performance bottoming out, and handle editable flat to iso shape conversions.

Finally happy with the direction of the colour and style. Need to build out more decorative tiles, shadows, and reflective effects. Maybe also some lights.

Hey fediverse,

I have a massive list of tutorial videos I want to make on creative software.

So I thought I'd ask for your input on which to make first from this short-list. Thoughts?

, , , ,

Somebody just contributed $5 on Itch to the little shooter game project I made to help people learn Godot, Inkscape, MyPaint & LMMS! 😀

I don't wanna get all dramatic, but this might be the happiest moment of my life.

Just used the new @inkscape 1.0 release to recreate what was a raster hand drawn circle, instead using a simple path plus two live path effects. v1.0 feeling incredibly smooth and coming in very handy already!

New icon / logo for Freed Creative, my personal project to help creative professionals and hobbyists do more of their work on .

Made in . What do you think?

Just completed and shared an all shooter made in , meant to be a simple project others can use to help learn the engine.

Also includes , and source files.

Hosted on the community focused @codeberg


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