I absolutely love you.

Been wondering how to make it more ergonomic to go from insert mode to normal mode in vim / emacs evil-mode. Looking at all these relatively complex ways to remap capslock to escape. Thought, wait a minute, KDE always has a setting for everything.

Sure enough:

I think Merveilles must be having an influence on me.

New Plasma theme & colours:

doesn't allow specifying an icon theme for GTK apps after the last update?

Is this the case for anyone else, or have I just missed a relocated setting?

Damn I love Plasma! Been using it a couple years now and I STILL regularly keep finding cool new features!

Just discovered the seamlessly integrated git client in Dolphin.

Does anyone know of a way to get an on screen keyboard on ?

I've searched around but haven't found one yet.

Holy wow, no matter how much time I spend on I keep finding new ways to customise it even further. I did not know until just now that you can download extra services to expand the functionality of Dolphin. What an incredible DE.

Interesting, it seems to take Neon noticeably longer to connect to my wifi than Manjaro. Using on both.

Does anyone have any ideas why that might be, and if there could be modifications I could make in that area?

Thinking of spending a little time using for a while. I've been using KDE Manjaro for quite some time and it's fantastic, but a little variety and investigation is always a good thing.

Impression in the first five minutes is that Discover looks a lot nicer than last time I used it. Clean and clear.

Ugh, Windows rage. Why can't it have a have decent screenshot utility included. I want my Spectacle!


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