Just used the new @inkscape 1.0 release to recreate what was a raster hand drawn circle, instead using a simple path plus two live path effects. v1.0 feeling incredibly smooth and coming in very handy already!

I wanted to try out using @GIMP@mastodon.at as I would Photoshop / Affinity Photo, so I figured following along with an image manipulation tutorial would be a good way to do it. I followed the pumpkin head video from Benny Productions (great channel) and I think it turned out pretty well!

There were no steps I couldn't find a way to recreate in Gimp - some replacements were a little slower, and some were an upgrade. Got pretty laggy, but still got the job done!

Someone on the birdsite had the idea of applying flat colors to their tool icons in order to group them. I followed suit and I really love the result!

And btw, I absolutely love that I have the freedom to make adjustments like this. Good luck changing a single thing about Photoshop.

Just completed and shared an all shooter made in , meant to be a simple project others can use to help learn the engine.

Also includes , and source files.

Hosted on the community focused @codeberg


This is a test of a pixel art creation method I wanted to try in Krita. It's sort of a blend of painterly techniques and pixel art, so a "hi-bit" style I suppose you would say.

I actually really enjoyed this process. It felt like the most enjoyable elements of both styles of drawing. I think I'll carry on and try some more using this approach.


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