A while back I asked the fedi whether I should learn or , and got an equal number of impassioned responses for each.

I've since been learning both, and I still can't choose. I really like each in different ways.

So I don't think I will choose. I'll carry on using both.

I could even see myself optimising vim for coding work and Emacs for writing, research and task management via org-mode & markdown.

Either way, I now absolutely have enough learning that I no longer need VS Code.

Hey so SpaceVim is pretty damn cool out of the box. Nice keybinds, tab bar, file explorer, syntax highlighting, plugin management. I like it a lot.

Should I config my own from scratch anyway? Would it be worthwhile?

Hey / evil-mode veterans, is there a language agnostic keybind to quickly comment or uncomment lines of code?

I've been looking and haven't found it yet.

Just finished my first proper coding session with + keybinds via Doom Emacs.

Still stumbling a good bit, and clearly there are faster ways to do things I don't know yet, but I liked it.

I really enjoy how roomy it feels compared to VS Code on the same monitor. And I especially like the nifty space leader keybinds. The vim keybinds are great too, but still getting used to mode switching.

Most of all love that it's not Microsoft or Electron as I prefer community software.


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