@sean But how do you know that’s not good or interesting? What if you put it out there anyway?

For the record, I listened to an interview you did about the fediverse with someone on a podcast a while back and it was in fact very interesting.

I would watch videos you post just speaking your thoughts.

War crimes 

@zkat Hard to believe that at 90% they were “not the intended targets”.

@doctormo I know a good cooperatively made vector editing app for that.

@lightweight @doctormo @ByronCinNZ @alcinnz And finally, the terms “cooperatively” and “cooperative“ have a degree of invitation built right in.

If I hear “open source”, even if I understand it, I’m likely to think I can’t contribute if I don’t know how to make “source” and am not inclined towards development.

If I hear “cooperative community project” I might be more likely to think, oh okay, I have things I can offer. How can I join this community and participate in this cooperation?

@lightweight @doctormo @ByronCinNZ @alcinnz “Cooperatively made software”, "Cooperative community project”, “Cooperative tech”. I understand these phrases more with fewer steps of explanation.

And this makes more sense in other contexts, like hardware which technically doesn’t have “source”.

Additionally, it inherently differentiates against big business open source projects that are not cooperatively managed and created. Because what’s pivotal is the cooperation, not the license or source.

@lightweight @doctormo @ByronCinNZ @alcinnz “Cooperative” is a word everyone understands out of the gate, and in my eyes it’s the cooperation that’s most directly at the heart of libre projects, and it’s this cooperation that enables the resulting freedoms in the first place.

Projects need contributions in more areas than solely source code, so it makes sense to broaden the focus in terminology as well.

And it’s structures of cooperation that harden against competitive paradigms.

@lightweight @doctormo @ByronCinNZ @alcinnz There has been some good conversation on the fedi recently about adopting the word “cooperative” more often when explaining libre projects, and I really like that concept.

“Free” requires extra steps of explaining that we mean freedom but really do still need funding.

“Open source” requires extra steps of explaining what source is and why it matters to someone who will never get hands on with source.

“Libre” also requires extra definition for many.

@neauoire @liaizon @gavcloud @paul Some do but a lot don’t, especially on mobile devices. From what I can see even Firefox doesn’t have it on iOS.

Even with those that do have reader mode I think a lot of people don’t notice it.

If it were something commonly built into both the UI and UX of sites directly it could be very helpful to readers. And it wouldn’t require cooperation from browser vendors to enable.

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@lightweight @freedcreative @alcinnz

The problem of bad expectations is keenly felt. I think this might relate to just how product and corporate loyalty is woven in the fabric of consumer culture.

Loyalty isn't a project contribution like it is in "consumer" culture. Threats to "take your business elsewhere" aren't effective. Install Inkscape, or don't, use it with affinity designer, why should I care if you're polywareous.

Actual contribution is more material and practical than this.

@neauoire @liaizon @gavcloud @paul You know what would be cool is a “reader mode” button. Similar to how dark/light mode toggles are becoming common.

Go as fancy as you like in the bells and whistles version, and with one click apply a super light, can’t-fail, ultra minimal layout instead. Something for everyone.

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For those of you who play Blizzard games.

The employees have asked you not play them at all tomorrow as a message to the company.

Digital Strike and all that.

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You don't own the content of your digital garden if you need Chrome to access it, simple as that.

@neauoire @rosano Oh right, interesting.

It’s a shame that the philosophy of progressive enhancement is just about forgotten now.

Which browser were you using? I’m about to construct a new site theme and it would be nice to test against it.

I’m not really a fan of CSS resets these days. All the browser overrides usually then just get overridden again with custom styles anyway.

I basically get rid of the default body margin, (which IMO shouldn’t be a default anymore), and that’s it.

@neauoire @rosano I’m curious what broke? Was it layout issues? And on what kind of browser?

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HELP! I need to know which GUI frameworks support accessibility and which ones don't, and to what degree each. Is there some kind of nice list or something? What are the best resources on accessibility in Free Software?

#Accessibility #a11y #FreeSoftware #GUI

@maleza My feelings exactly.

While it’s valid to ensure big companies don’t use individual action as a scapegoat to avoid changing themselves, that’s no justification for hypocrisy.

An individual saying they don’t have to do anything because others do more damage is the exact same line I hear from my federal government, that my country doesn’t have to do anything because other countries are worse.

Everyone has to do everything in their power or we’re toast. That simple.

@doctormo @lightweight @alcinnz This is exactly the philosophy that has me convinced of Inkscape‘s bright future.

I’ve seen the excellent leaps forward recently. The software has improved considerably even in just the few years I’ve been using it.

On that trajectory, if each of us who is able contributes what we can, Inkscape will consistently remove roadblocks to adoption and facilitate so many people in finding greater freedom in their creative work.

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