@mario_afk You got that all loading in fast for what looks like it must be a decent file size with all the video and images? Are you doing like a lazy loading thing as you progress into the sequence on the main area at the top?

Not sure yet if I’ll be using React. I haven’t worked with it previously but the longer I go the more it seems necessary for me to get on board with it. I think the client is considering porting over to React so it might be time.

@mario_afk I do think I’m going to be mixing Three.js with DOM.

Not sure of the exact applications yet as my usage is going to be in part for a client whose approach I’m not yet familiar with, and in part for personal projects I’ve not fully planned.

For my own stuff I was toying with the idea of mixing rather than just all canvas though. Is it too much hassle to be worth it? Or manageable once you know the tricks?

@awalvie Really stand out singular ideas I add to a list of “Reminders” I read every morning.

Solid practical stuff I integrate into systems of daily habits.

Things I want to be reminded of periodically I add to a section in my (digital) journal that’s titled REMEMBER, and I read through those things every once in a while.

@mario_afk Cool! I’m about to start learning Three.JS. Any tips you wish you’d have known at noob stage?

@rostiger Thanks Rostiger 🙂 Yeah things are getting much more stable again now.

Beautiful shot! I'm captivated by pink flowering trees.

@mario_afk Is this 3D as in Three.js / WebGL? Or as in 2D generating a 3D effect?

@neauoire Lovely. Did you catch some photos of the cherry blossoms?

Managing wood stores must be a challenge in limited space. You guys must have one of those little powerhouses I’ve seen people use in vans and tiny homes that magically turns small pieces of wood into lots of heat?

@neauoire Sounds beautiful ☺️ Given we’re getting slightly cooler here down south it must be starting to get into a lovely time of year in your neck of the woods I’m guessing?

And thanks. Tough year, but all’s well that ends well.

Hey everyone,

Back again... again... after another episode in the toughest year ever, in the form of my SO having surgery complications.

How’s everybody doing? What have I missed in the last, let me see, 5 months?

And how are all the Murvos going?

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Nobody needs white guilt. What we need is white responsibility.

@ice That’s a really beautiful way to describe it. I’ll lock that away in the box of inspiring things to remember while exercising.

@utahcon I learned that my issues were largely caused by nervous system dysfunction and that the means to overcome it was to build conscious control over my nervous system response. In other words, I pretty much have to become a zen master, gradually rewire my nervous system, and develop a high level of control over my response to high stress situations.

So although I had to give up my goals for digital freedom, my number one aim is now psychological freedom.

@utahcon When I first came to the fedi, free / libre software and online privacy was at the forefront of my mind. Freedom in the digital space basically.

Then I had a huge health issue that put me in a spot where I couldn’t use my hands and so had to switch to voice control on proprietary platforms. I had to drop almost all my libre software and privacy protections virtually overnight.

I’m much better now but still depend on the proprietary gear.

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I'm looking for a livecoder who would be part of an under-represented demographic, for a well paying orca gig. If you know anyone who would be a good candidate? Hit me up :)


@meejah @jbauer @neauoire Very true. At first I was a little lost in the fedi until I realised you just had to get the ball rolling yourself. Then it all clicked.

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