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Wow, Resolve actually works properly on Linux with an Nvidia card! The Fusion and Fairlight pages aren't blacked out like on AMD. But this $400 software STILL can't encode / decode AAC sound, which is pretty disappointing.

Sigh... first time trying to use Nvidia in ages, and of course when I try to boot Manjaro from USB there's no graphics signal. Gonna try Pop_OS! with the preinstalled Nvidia drivers.

Whoever took the time to setup @selfcare is a salt of the earth human being. What a wonderful thing to do. Thanks, whoever you are!

I always plan to install next time, for sure, and then when it comes to it I just download the latest ISO.

...aaaand here I go again.

Congratulations to @GIMP for releasing 2.10.18:

Over the next couple of weeks we will be determining if this will form the base for #glimpse 0.2.0, which we aim to release some time around April/May 2020.

Reading some writings this morning, got a bit tired of Epictetus' repeated references to "wenches". "Pretty wenches", "cheap wenches" etc. I understand he was advanced for his time, but doesn't stop it occasionally becoming tiresome.

Can anyone recommend their favourite I should go read? Looking for some advanced, insightful thinking with a perspective from the other side of the fence, so to speak.

Seeing as we have so many new users the past few weeks, let me mention that development of Mastodon and hosting of is not funded by venture capital or ads, but through crowdfunding:


And for certain tiers of support, your name or your company's logo is listed on our sponsors page:

Can anyone recommend a good FOSS personal budget application for ?

I felt so disappointed recently when I found out through my niece and nephew who are in grade 8 and 7 in Halton, Ontario, that their schools use Google Classroom as their primary digital learning and classroom interaction platform.

Even more disturbing was their complete dependence on Google Search for anything and everything to do with the internet.

They do not understand that Google Search is just one search engine among many. For them, the internet begins and ends with Google.

Hey! If you're a #fediverse platform or app, and you have a brand icon, you should think about getting it included in #ForkAwesome!

I say this because #WeDistribute actually uses that icon set in tags and categories. I'm building in theme support for it so that project brands get promoted throughout the site!

Valentin, our GSOC student in 2019 wrangled meshes, hatches and GTK last summer for #Inkscape.

Read all about his internship and why he's still actively contributing to the project here:

Once more, we've been approved to accept students to work on #Inkscape through Google Summer of Code ( #GSOC ) 2020.

We are excited about offering students a chance to work with mentors on this open source project.


Head here for more details:

What does everyone think about why / projects seem to have more luck finding supporters via Patreon than via Liberapay?

Coming to accept I'm going to need to switch to Nvidia and closed drivers instead of AMD and open drivers if I want to get access to all the stable video editing options on Linux. *sniff* 😭

I'll miss my open drivers, but being on and on my distro of choice is the more important thing to me.

Should be working.... Customizing DuckDuckGo search results colors instead. Oh well.

I setup a Patreon page a couple of days ago but there's something about it I just don't quite feel comfortable with. I'm dropping it and I'm going to go with other approaches instead I think.

@amolith Didn't you find a really good FOSS oriented alternative a while back? How are you liking it now?

As the world is back on #ff this week:

@ChrisWere creates excellent Linux-related video content

@maloki runs @forktogether & recently got me back into Pokemon Go

@wolfie is a fun person to follow & all round good egg

@claudiom toots about Linux, coffee & retrocomputing

@datenteiler is a good source for tech news & @opensuse goodness

@dzuk is building an exciting new fediverse service

If you're not already following @bryn then I regret to inform you that you've been doing Mastodon wrong

And one more thing to share today. If you're a theme designer wanting to work on , here's how you can get your dev environment setup so you can edit theme files in xampp without being blocked by permissions requirements:

Hey all, here's the repo with the colored icons I showed yesterday for or image editors.

There are instructions for where to copy the icon folders to depending on which image editing application you're using.

Instructions are for Linux, but on other platforms you should be able to look in preferences and see where your icon themes are located, then copy the custom theme into that location.

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