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@peter Open Lab is "[b]y invitation from among the applicants to Startup Studio & MVP Lab."

Investment from Mozilla is totally fine. What I think is a bad idea is to frame it in the terms of a "startup incubator".

Startups, incubated one way or another, are one of the main reasons why we are where we are. Startups are by definition profit-driven. And the biggest asset Internet startups usually have are the users locked in their walled garden.

Solutions will not come from a startup.

For our first #surveillancesaturday - This is a screen grab from the cookie consent when using a UK VPN.

There are so many partner vendors on the list, that the scrolling seems to go on forever.

Many of the “partners” correlate offline data, link your different devices and more. This is tantamount to real-time corporate surveillance.

Have your own Surveillance Saturday post? Use the hashtag to help others understand how #privacy is lost through constant #surveillance.

@ndegruchy Hey Nathan, sorry I only just saw your post re. libre / gratis as I moved main instances so just spotted the @ mention.

What about if you had both the source freely available on a git repo under a copyleft license, *and* you requested people to contribute funding at the main point of download? You'd need to explain yourself of course so nobody felt they were being misled.

With joy in my heart I #announce that @shellowl just submitted the second entry to #delightful gems of freedom 💎

The topic: delightful #CLI

Check it out on #codeberg at:

Who's next? Create your own curated list on:

#foss #openscience #openinformation

I'd love to form more of a community with other designers, especially those focused on #UX and who share #Libre slash #OpenSource values.

If you do too, respond to this thread and we can see where it goes from there.

(boost appreciated!)

#LibreUX #OpenDesign #FreeSoftware #Design

@chris @rysiek What's quite sad is people managing privacy-centric and civil liberties project know better than to centralize on #Github, but they refuse to move to a host that respects the values of their project.

@freedcreative The first thing I watched was this really good video:

The Org Mode site has a lot of really good documentation as well

Using Orgzly on Android is also really nice, it has a tutorial that goes over the features of the app/org iteself.

Org is insanely powerful, I'm trying to convert my scattered markdown files into organized or files with links to projects and schedules lol

@neauoire I'm considering getting into dev with wasm and I'm curious. You said you coded some of your sites in C. Did you choose C because that was already a language you liked, or was it because you assessed it as being a particularly good fit with wasm?

Adding a scroll-to-top button without JavaScript:

This reminds me, I should implement the "#" relatively URI as a slightly simpler way to do this... And it's a nice reminder about the "scroll-behavior: smooth" CSS property!

Really you can probably drop your CSS frameworks, browsers have taken the hint and implemented the same features in a nicer syntax!

Introducing Inkscape 1.0! After a little over three years in development, we're excited to launch this long-awaited version for Windows and Linux (and the macOS preview) Watch the release video ( and download it here:

Note: If the download link doesn't work, check back a little later. The files are being propagated across our CDN.

Very cool that the Inkscape (#FOSS community) is true to their ideals - their community site runs (also FOSS) Rocket.Chat. Nice.

Just used the new @inkscape 1.0 release to recreate what was a raster hand drawn circle, instead using a simple path plus two live path effects. v1.0 feeling incredibly smooth and coming in very handy already!

BREAKING: ICANN has voted to REJECT the sale of the .ORG registry to private equity firm Ethos Capital. This is a major victory for the millions of nonprofits, civil society organizations, and individuals who make .ORG their home online. #SaveDotOrg

Don’t cross the picket line tomorrow. Your use of those platforms enable and validates their abusive tactics. (

its incredible how much social media is just rss but worse

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