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@self I think it's gotten worse. HTML is used to make things pretty now, not to, oh I don't know, markup content like it was originally designed to do. And operating systems, like Linux and Android, with poor accessibility don't help either. Now, blind people usually prefer mobile apps and desktop clients because they feel *clean* compared to the sometimes very verbose, linear web, where keyboard commands are few and far in between, non-standard (look at Gmail then Twitter, or even Gmail compared to Google Voice.) And there are so many sites where headings could be used but aren't, and lists to facilitate things which can be skipped, like alternative language options for articles, replies to a comment, things like that. It's just poorly done, and even the "simple" layered approach of mobile apps are easier to use for us than the flat (to us) representation that is the web.

The HTML standard changing stuff probably doesn't help much either. And Javascript just means that if I want to use Emacs with Emacspeak to gather text formatting information that a dumb screen reader doesn't provide, I usually get told that Javascript needs to be enabled, on a mostly textual site. In fact, text is *all* that a blind person gets, besides other audio. So if image descriptions aren't provided, or if there's a presentation-style thing going on, like in a lot of Apple press releases, we need textual alternatives to the silent videos and images. So plain sites, like my blog which I recently moved to Hugo, are best. Simple, statically generated, no stupid freaking databases! and it's freaking clean! No heavy bull crap slowing down load times and not many images.

Oh and screen readers aren't magic, either. They're really quite dumb. They gather as much information as they can by the OS accessibility API's, which can be pretty good, like Windows, fairly okay, like Apple's, or pretty neglected, like Linux because no one wants to actually work on the core OS accessibility. Like I always say, accessibility starts with the OS.



WHO: The soulless husks of men who have gazed far too long in to the capitalist abyss.

HOW: “limited liability”. It empowers, encourages and rewards this sort of sociopathic behavior from individuals.

lol fucking lol.

Companies say they shouldn't have to ask for consent to cyber-stalk because of “a high risk of user refusal.”

"I should also be allowed to drop this pill in this drink because of a high risk of refusal". Probably also them.

Who are these people and how do they live with themselves.

Here’s the video of my talk “Beyond surveillance capitalism: alternatives, stopgaps, Small Web, and Site.js.” from Creative Mornings Istanbul on Friday.

Edited to fix the audio sync issue, add captions, chapters, and links to all the mentioned tools, etc.

Enjoy + please share! :)

Like fuck political labels as a ticket to virtue, labels are a convenience and not substance. I am a socialist and an atheist, but someone like Dr. Jang Giryeo, a devoutly Christian 20th century surgeon who said "I do not agree with socialism or atheism" is far more my comrade than 80% of leftist atheists. His opposition to socialism and atheism came from his specific context in escaping from the North Korean regime's violent purges and anti-religion policies, and in South Korea he devoted his life to helping indigent patients based on his strong Christian faith, decrying the injustice of wealth disparity and warning the rich that their callous selfishness would come back to haunt them. Where do you place a man like that on the political spectrum of naughty and nice? It's almost like history is complicated and context matters, and you can't place someone into convenient predefined boxes based on your specific context. Be a person first.

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Calling free software "free as in free speech" is such an insidious conflation because free speech is about the government not constricting your speech, especially political speech. It's not the same thing at all as the freedom espoused by free software because there is no requirement in free speech to make your speech public, to let the world see it and change it, or to let them use it for whatever purpose they like. In fact, the privacy of speech is central to free speech.

@cadence Gemini is a new collaboratively designed internet protocol that is like the web but serving up text/gemini as the native format instead of HTML, CSS, and JS. Imagine a www made of simple Markdown-like files connected by links. It's fully encrypted, private, fast, non-commercial, and fairly malware-proof. Go to to learn more and download a client. #gemini

Hour 4, this Searx instance fed me an Emacs function I could use to wrap a WordPress shortcode around some text so I don't have to do it the actual WP content editor.

It's looking good.

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📌 "We are impressed with Collabra Online’s preservation of layout and formatting across all documents. This has been a key component for our staff." 🤝 ( - Australian Council for Trade Unions)

Find more testimonials at 👉

How do you install latest packages in #Debian or #LMDE ?

For example, 2.10.20 of GIMP or latest LibreOffice ?

You can't add repos/ppas in LMDE right?

#FOSS #linux

Get your daily dose of news from NPR on Gemini: gemini:// #gemini

The excuse for manufacturers to make lithium-ion batteries nowadays most often boils down to either

"I don't wanna put in the work to switch production materials."


"But salt batteries aren't as profitable because they last longer in storage and cost less to make, so we wouldn't sell as many and we'd have to charge less for each one."

Turns out capitalism drives innovation about as well as a kid throwing a temper tantrum for not being allowed the entire candy store.

Reminder that sodium batteries exist. Yes, salt batteries are a thing and they've been around for quite a while. Research into them started at the same time as lithium batteries in the 1970s and 1980s.

And salt batteries are *at least* as efficient as lithium ones while being cheaper to create and far less damaging to the environment and our finite resources due to the abundance of sodium in the world.

We could be using these today, but capitalism is in the way.

Apple's bullshit 

@lightweight @The10wins
Here is another problem with #Apple:

They claim to be very eco-friendly, right?

Are they eco-friendly enough to tell you to buy less of their stuff? What message do their ads send? Do they discourage you from switching phones just because you want to be trendy?

Ponder on that for a while.

@The10wins my strong suggestion is to stop admiring *any* multinational publicly traded corporation. They're all evil (if not now, then when they get big enough).

@The10wins don't admire Apple. They are not worthy of it. Not at all.

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