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here's a MASSIVE post with a great collection of telemetry guidelines in Free/Open Source Software:

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In situations of political conflict, an "underground" is a social structure that allows political actors (meaning, politicized people - from individuals all the way up to mass organizations) to operately secretly - without its actions being publicly known.

This is usually necessary if political actors pose a threat to the status quo, for a very simple reason. Since it is often the government's job to protect the status quo, and the government uses the law & its enforcement to do this, it will make threats to the status quo illegal as they appear, if it has not already done so.

Most governments make it illegal to fight them as kind of a "catch-all" rule for this, but they will usually adopt more specific rules depending on both the general context (what *kind* of status quo do they defend?) and the specific context (who do they fear threatens their power right now, or may become a threat if allowed to grow?).

If a group which claims to oppose the status quo really means what they say, they will have to take steps to be able to function when they're not allowed to. They will have to develop an underground.

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@freedcreative @dualhammers I agree with the engage part, I think it's pretty explicit in the second part of the saying "Be mindful of impermanence", which is followed by "Be careful of idleness."

Australian politics, re encryption 

I don’t want to live in Australia anymore.

Does anyone know in practical terms what this fresh anti-encryption bullshit will mean for us plebs?

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Meet Inkscape artist Ozant Liuky, winner of our Inkscape 1.1 About Screen Contest!

His advice for users: "Learn the basics you need most with your workflow. Enjoy the workflow that comes with Inkscape."

Read more here:

#inkscape #ArtWithOpenSource #interview

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Take a break before you need it. It will make it easier to prevent burnout.

This is not a complaint. FOSS teams do amazing work with a tiny fraction of the resources proprietary teams usually have.

What I’m actually getting at is FOSS projects are so broadly capable that after three years of consistently finding solutions for both work and play the only thing that finally stopped me in my tracks was when my limbs broke down.

I’m looking forward to bringing these projects back into my life as I find ways to do so.

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Ease of use - nope, found it easier to maintain than Windows.

Game dev (hobby) - nope, very happy with Godot, Blender, ArmorPaint etc.

In the end what dropped a bomb on my Linux and FOSS personal quest was severe RSI.

I had to switch to something that first allowed me to voice dictate text. And then, as I got limited hand use back, low impact typing alternatives: swipe touch screen typing, and stylus handwriting to text. I looked everywhere but had to go proprietary so I could keep working.

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Just watching some interesting video conversations from some months ago about Linux not being suitable for everyone. I was almost full time on Linux for 3 years and none of the common reasons were what eventually, sadly, bumped me off it.

Graphic design - nope, though it was more difficult I got all my pro workflows going with Krita, GIMP, Inkscape, Figma, MyPaint.

Video editing - nope, met my work needs with DaVinci Resolve.

Gaming - nope, was happy with native games plus Proton and consoles

Hey everyone,

Back again... again... after another episode in the toughest year ever, in the form of my SO having surgery complications.

How’s everybody doing? What have I missed in the last, let me see, 5 months?

And how are all the Murvos going?

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Nobody needs white guilt. What we need is white responsibility.

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I'm looking for a livecoder who would be part of an under-represented demographic, for a well paying orca gig. If you know anyone who would be a good candidate? Hit me up :)


I just realised what it is that I really like about this place.

I initially thought it was mostly because of shared interest with people here, but recently my interests changed dramatically and I still wanted to come back.

Now I see it’s something much more fundamental. People here actually listen to each other. Like, properly.

Everyone pays close attention to what others have said and they do their very best to provide thoughtful discourse. And that is something we all need much more of.

My new understanding / perspective is that life is an evolution machine and hardship is its engine.

Hardship is the primary driver of adaptation and growth, and without growth there is stagnation and usually death.

So the best thing to do is deliberately factor controlled difficult experiences into our lives in order to take charge of our own continual adaptation, and through that become more resilient to the inevitable hardships that come from life at large.

Interesting seeing the effects of meditation vs. cardio on the heart. Down to 56bpm during meditation, and almost max for my age 175bpm during exercise.

Both things working as intended I suppose!

I’ve been learning a lot about meditation recently, and I also watched a TV show with an episode that depicted a frontal lobotomy on a teenager to “correct” his wandering levels of attention.

How wild is it that western science came around to an ice pick in the brain pretty easily while finding the concept of building attention by, you know, practicing paying attention just way too out there to be plausible.

All my focus right now is on health, psychology, physiology and all the moving parts that go into physical and mental health.

So the things I have to chat about will have almost nothing in common with what I had to say before. I’m not entirely sure how exactly I fit into the fedi now because of that, but let’s see what happens!

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Hi Merveilles and Fedi!

After a tumultuous few months I can finally comfortably communicate via text again. It’s been a highly transformative time for me so the things I’m putting time and thought into have changed quite dramatically.

I’ve had to turn my attention away from politics, the software freedom movement, coding and teaching - i.e. basically all the major components of my life a few months ago.

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The problem with this whole Epic/Apple/Google debacle is I'm having trouble telling which multi-billion-dollar corporation truly has the best interests of me, the consumer, at heart.

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Firefox market share vs Mozilla Foundation chair salary for last year financials are available (2018)

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